Sirhan Sirhan plays both kinds of music…

…punk and rock. I know, you’d think a play on the old cowboy bar joke is beneath me. It isn’t. The list of things that’s beneath me, I think we’ll all find over time, is relatively short.

Today was the memorial service for my grandmother, Maxine Holton, who died on May 31. Having the memorial this much later was the right thing to do: it allowed all the family to take part, and allowed us to enjoy each other’s company just a bit more, as some (though God know’s not all) of the rawness had subsided.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Sirhan Sirhan are one of those bands that really don’t have an ounce of aural pretension to them (though I’ll entertain arguments from people about their light show). Their music is blistering (I only use the term blistering because I saw it in a band bio recently (referencing a band that was decidedly not blistering) and figured it was actually appropriate here). Jason Blackmore¬† (who you may remember from Molly McGuire, Gunfighter and the Turf Club) plays guitar and sings. A couple trained killers named Mike and Alex play bass and drums.

They’re one of the bands that’s contributing a track to the Black Box Studios compilation, due out later this month, and I can attest that the track is just ripping. I believe it was recorded at the same time as their record, which was produced by Jobi White of the Bronx and will be out soon on Anodyne Records. Though I heard their last show (the Free Radio San Diego benefit at 29th and Broadway) ended in something of a meltdown, they’re definitely a band you should get excited about–I mean, if you can drag yourself away from clapping your hands to some bush league “indie” rock.


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