Inagural post: Barfer? Appreciation Day

For my inagural post, I figured I would direct my attention to Barfer? for a couple of reasons. The first is that for whatever reason, most of the other music blogs cover the garage/indie rock scene pretty well, while leaving hardcore, punk and artier stuff out in the cold. The Muslims are fine, and Grand Ole Party are nice folks, and the Prayers do a real good impression of the Shins two records ago.

I’m more interested in covering punk and hardcore, with the odd metal/indie/whatever band/show thrown in for good measure. It’s underserved from a reader standpoint and underhyped with respect to how good most of the bands really are. Ask most people outside of San Diego what we’re known for, and you’ll hear names like Swing Kids, the Locust, Drive like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Three Mile Pilot, Thingy and Heavy Vegetable (if someone mentions Tanner or Fishwife, extra points). None of these bands–or, more accurately, the bands working in this particular idiom–are served by the San Diego blog community. That’s a shame, since they’re pulling a lot of the weight in terms of making music that differentiates us from a host of other cities and scenes.

Anyway, back to Barfer? Barfer? is Mikey McCardle, formerly of Business Lady, Jason Hendrix of The North Atlantic (and my little brother, FYI), and Brandon Relf of Sleeping People. Their music sounds closer in spirit to the spazcore of the Locust, infused a bit with moments of more blissful prettiness courtesy of Hendrix’s guitar-like take on bass. Then there’s McCardle, who plays keys but mostly engages in something occupying the space between singing, performance art, and court jestering. They aren’t terribly easy on the ears, but get points for at least challenging the competing frameworks of art rock and hardcore–frameworks that, perhaps paradoxically, both exhibit a tendency toward the formulaic. You can’t dance to it, so I don’t know that they’ll be the hot new shit on the dance party scene. You can, however, be awed. Isn’t that still in style?

So far they have no recorded music, though they do have a Myspace page.


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